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We are Lippe Taylor, the most storied creative communications agency in New York. Our clients are innovators. Our people are integrators. Our results are the best in the industry. And we are experts at Moving Women.

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We believe that Women are the most important decision makers in modern society. That’s why we partner with enlightened brand leaders who understand not just the importance of reaching Women, but who also appreciate that Women have new expectations of the brands they support. We empower these enlightened partners to become relevant to Women by helping them create stories that Move Women and, in the process, move their brands forward.

We believe the traditional model of advertising and promotions is broken. From ad fatigue to DVR and ad blocking to banner blindness… consumers are tired of being interrupted and talked over. We believe that in order to break through, brands needs to move their audiences; move them emotionally, move them to buy, move them to share, move them to care, and move them to make a difference. 

Finally, we believe that analytics can be the difference between good programs and game-changing results, but only if paired with intuition and insights that drive creative inspiration.

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