Lippe Taylor is committed to creating riveting stories that move brands forward. We do it through a methodical and creative combination of Analytics, PR, Social Media, & Digital Content that leverages earned media and influential voices to launch credentialed brand stories that are scaled with paid and digital syndication. We call this approach Public Relevance.

We specialize in moving women, a demographic responsible for 85% of purchasing decisions, even for men’s products. Regardless of whether women are your primary demographic, their purchasing power can't be overlooked which is why we believe they’re the most impactful demographic for brands to focus on. Moving women is our specialty but not our exclusive focus; we represent a number of men’s brands and frequently market to men and families through women. We know how to reach her and the family she loves, let us show you how…

In a world where people are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day, if a brand wants to break through, their message has to matter. We believe that in order for brands to matter, they have to move people, and in order to move people, they have to be relevant which is why it’s our core mission to keep our clients relevant.

Our PR background is our greatest superpower because it made Relevance the foundation of all of our work. PR kept us deeply focused on culture, trends and the zeitgeist of today so that we were informed enough to do the kind of work that resonates with the masses and drives real results.

The only constant in marketing and technology is change, which is why we built Lippe Taylor to be independent, agile and resilient so that we would always be ready to evolve, pivot and adapt with change, and so would our clients. So we may not know what the future holds but we do know we’ll be ready for it…and so will our clients.

Our People

We are committed to attracting the best and brightest in the business. Our unique mix of marketers, communications professionals, digital specialists, creatives, researchers and media experts brings a collaborative, talented team to each brand we represent. For clients, our team becomes an extension of your team.

We move her™

We’ve cracked the code on what motivates women to buy.

Our Practices

  1. Healthcare
  2. Beauty
  3. Fashion
  4. Home & Lifestyle
  5. Food & Beverage

Scientifically-proven to promote good health

Our clients range from Big Pharma to emerging Biotechs, from Medical Devices to Diagnostics. We specialize in helping our clients identify and mobilize KOLs, strategic alliances and 3rd party organizations. We’re adept at building brand advocacy and encouraging patients and caregivers to start conversations about even the most challenging topics and conditions. The Healthcare industry is being rapidly transformed by the powers of consumerization and Millennial expectations. We are the agency who understands how to bridge this gap.

Beauty is in our Agency’s Makeup

In the beauty industry, there is no equivalent to Lippe Taylor. Our firm’s reputation blossomed from our work in Beauty and we continue to work with some of the most inspiring brands in the category today. With former editors from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan, we can get the most epic media coverage, and with people who have spent more than a decade engaging influencers, we understand how to reach this new wave of Instafamers better than any other agency.

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Our fashion statements speak results

At Lippe Taylor we produce nothing “off the rack.” All our programming is customized to your brand’s unique style. From trend reports to staging runway shows to showroom appointments and in-store events – everything we do speaks style and results.

We love home work

Home is one of our fastest growing categories – perhaps that’s because women make a staggering 91% of home purchase decisions. Or maybe it’s because we help our clients shine above their competitors. Through the years we’ve created award-winning programs that enhanced IKEA’s sustainability leadership, repositioned Built’s technology accessories and introduced countless new products for brands like George Foreman, Black & Decker and Taylor Precision.

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We can dish it out (the food & wine news, that is)

Peoples’ relationship with food is complex because food and beverages are not just what we eat and drink… food is nutrition, reward, and family time. Beverages play so many integral roles in our lives, from our coffee rituals to savoring a good glass of wine as we spend time with friends and loved ones. We “get” the emotional relationships people have with food and beverages – and we’ve helped brands from Nestle to Jenny Craig, from Tanqueray to Yellowtail wine tell stories that resonate with both media and consumers.