We are a public relations and digital marketing agency that has cracked the code on why women buy certain brands and don’t buy others, on motivating them to take action… from purchasing a product online or in-store, to filling a prescription, selecting the family car, to sharing their opinions and influencing others with product reviews and actively on social media channels studying brands.

Welcome to the bright, sunny home of Lippe Taylor in Union Square. Within our open-plan environment, smart, creative and highly energetic people design high-impact programs that consistently break through to drive sales and win awards. We believe happier people do better work (maybe that’s why we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry for staff and clients).

Through the years, we’ve proudly represented powerhouse brands including Botox, P&G, IKEA, Keds, Nestlé, J&J, Wayfair.com, Cetaphil, Revlon, Drugstore.com, and Smartwater.

We cross-pollinate our teams with communications, branding & Social/Digital strategists plus content creators, overseeing your brand holistically and treating the marketing landscape as one ecosystem. Having a diverse team allows us to make connections across channels and media so that we execute more powerfully, efficiently and effectively.

We’re so confident in our proven track record and results that we begin our client relationships with a "contract of expectations" which measures our success by your sales results.

Our People

We are committed to attracting the best and brightest in the business. Our unique mix of marketers, communications professionals, digital specialists, creatives, researchers and media experts brings a collaborative, talented team to each brand we represent. For clients, our team becomes an extension of your team.

We’ve cracked the code on what motivates women to buy.

Our Practices

  1. Healthcare
  2. Beauty
  3. Fashion
  4. Home & Lifestyle
  5. Food & Beverage

Scientifically-proven to promote good health

Over the past two years, we’ve successfully navigated ten FDA approvals & clearances of new products and indications for clients from prescription drugs to medical devices. We specialize in helping our clients identify and mobilize KOLs, strategic alliances and 3rd party organizations. We’re adept at building brand advocacy and encouraging women to start conversations about even the most challenging topics and conditions. Since women make 80% of the family’s healthcare decisions, it’s never been more important to tap into their power and influence.

Beauty is in our DNA

Our creative reputation as industry innovators grew out of our work in beauty. Ask any beauty editor who they trust for both content and best-in-class events and they’ll tell you, “Lippe Taylor.” With former magazine and digital editors from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire.com and Cosmo.com, we generate better media coverage and social media content than any other agency. Truly! Ask anyone.

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Our fashion statements speak results

At Lippe Taylor we produce nothing “off the rack.” All our programming is customized to your brand’s unique style. From trend reports to staging runway shows to showroom appointments and in-store events – everything we do speaks style and results.

We love home work

Home is one of our fastest growing categories – perhaps that’s because women make a staggering 91% of home purchase decisions. Or maybe it’s because we help our clients shine above their competitors. Through the years we’ve created award-winning programs that enhanced IKEA’s sustainability leadership, repositioned Built’s technology accessories and introduced countless new products for brands like George Foreman, Black & Decker and Taylor Precision.

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We can dish it out (the food & wine news, that is)

Peoples’ relationship with food is complex because food and beverages are not just what we eat and drink… food is nutrition, reward, and family time. Beverages play so many integral roles in our lives, from our coffee rituals to savoring a good glass of wine as we spend time with friends and loved ones. We “get” the emotional relationships people have with food and beverages – and we’ve helped brands from Nestle to Jenny Craig, from Tanqueray to Yellowtail wine tell stories that resonate with both media and consumers.