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About Lippe Taylor

Lippe Taylor is a Public Relations and Digital Marketing agency that is committed to telling riveting stories that move brands forward. We do it through a strategic and creative combination of Analytics, PR, Social Media, & Digital Content that leverages earned media and influential voices to authentically connect brands with their target audiences at scale.

We believe our job is to create relevance for our clients. We do this by starting with Analytics, then applying Creativity to craft a marketing solution and bring it to life. Our solutions are Digital by design and drive sharing among your audiences. And we’re ROI-obsessed.

What We Believe.

Origin Story

Our company was founded by a woman at a time when that was still rare.  Rarer still, we were founded by one of the media’s leading voices as Maureen Lippe left a promising editorial career at the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to start Lippe Taylor from her New York apartment. Growth came swiftly and soon her husband, Jerry Taylor, joined the company.

Their son learned to crawl at Lippe Taylor, and to this day, you can feel the influence of a family-first agency. Likewise, you can feel the influence of a magazine editor who built her career by studying and understanding what makes consumers tick, and by capturing the zeitgeist of cultural relevance.  Every now and then, you can even feel the influence of The Lampoon… A media property that defined a generation and owed much of its witty and light-hearted success to our very own Jerry Taylor.

A Worldwide Partner

Worldwide Partners Inc (WPI) is a global network of owner-led, marketing services agencies who share an independent spirit and entrepreneurial drive to build commerce through connectivity, creativity and collaboration.
As a partner Agency we give your brand access to global talent with local insight. This enables us to create impactful campaigns delivered on local, national and international scales. Click here to learn more.


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