Lippe Taylor

Yellow Tail

The first wine brand to air a Super Bowl ad in over 40 years

The Objective

[ yellow tail ]  was to become the first wine to advertise during the Super Bowl in over 40 years, making this a historically significant event which Lippe Taylor was tasked with creating buzz around in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

Since arriving on the scene in 2001, [ yellow tail ] has changed the way people think about and consume wine and helped introduce America to the notion that wine can be accessible and approachable. It was a game-changer and a textbook Blue Ocean Strategy. Consumer response was incredible and [ yellow tail ] made history as it grew to eight million cases in sales in a matter of five years.

The brand was kicking off a new, multi-year marketing campaign with a 30 second spot that aired in the first half of the Super Bowl in all major markets. The new campaign, [  let’s yellow tail  ] introduced fans to the brand’s first-ever spokesperson, ‘[ yellow tail ]  Guy’.  Along with his trusty sidekick,  ‘Roo’ – a friendly Australian kangaroo – the brand’s laid-back Australian personality came to life, embodying the spirit of the brand and bringing the fun whenever a bottle of [ yellow tail ] is opened.  The ads conveyed a message that wine is approachable  – saying goodbye to wine rules and pretensions – and meant to be enjoyed at any fun, casual occasion that calls for alcoholic beverages. In addition to the game time advertisement, the campaign was to include in-store marketing, digital and online activations, social media and a consumer contest to win an all-expenses paid trip to Australia.

“In an age of constant distractions, The Super Bowl is the one TV event where 120 million Americans stop and watch simultaneously,” said Tom Steffanci, President of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. “[ yellow tail ] wine is putting wine back on TV’s biggest stage for the first time in decades to show America how fun and versatile wine can be.”

How we cracked the code

To ensure [ yellow tail ] ’s commercial was included in relevant Super Bowl round-ups, Lippe Taylor actively pitched the ad and advertising story, offering assets to the media including a sneak peek at the commercial and interviews with executives. To continue the media momentum, Lippe Taylor booked an SMT for one of the commercial’s stars, super model Ellie Gonsalves, an Aussie native and L.A. transplant who can be seen in magazines like Maxim and in the current Guess ad campaign. Ellie conducted multiple interviews with media outlets including,, and Ellie also appeared in Facebook Live videos for, and

The Results

Within this short turnaround time in a crowded news cycle, we utilized our media relationships to secure top tier coverage for the commercial, Ellie Gonsalves and the brand in outlets such as Extra, Access Hollywood, Maxim, The Hollywood Reporter, Sports Illustrated, People, Marie Claire, Today, Mashable, Business Insider, Vice, Bravo, Entertainment Tonight, Wine Spectator, and Adweek. As a result of our outreach, we secured  629,375,557 industry impressions for Yellow Tail and 70,026,320 impressions for the Deutsch master brand. 

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