Lippe Taylor


Sparking #SkinPositivity for Proactiv with Kendall Jenner

Proactiv tasked Lippe Taylor with maximizing the impact of their new celebrity ambassador, Kendall Jenner. Unfortunately, when the new partnership was announced it had been met with skepticism from consumers. Therefore, we decided to turn that negativity into positivity… Skin Positivity.

We began by scraping all of the negative comments that social media users have made about Jenner’s skin. Then, we mapped a large scale paint-by-numbers mural on the side of a building in Brooklyn, complete with some of the most negative comments people have made.

Working together with Jenner, we invited consumers to come and help us paint over the negativity, turning the nastiness into a beautiful portrait of positivity.

Once the portrait was complete, we partnered with Teen Vogue to host a panel discussion with our Proactiv client about the importance of positivity and how Proactiv helps people be their most confident selves.

The mural became a frequently photographed installation and the overall program drove more than 2.2M social media engagements.

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