Lippe Taylor


Love is on

The challenge

Revlon, the over 80-year-old cosmetics company, was looking to relaunch their brand with new messaging and imagery in a global campaign. The cosmetics industry, the beauty press, and the consumers needed to be made aware of the new direction Revlon was taking—a veritable launch of LOVE.

How we cracked the code

With so much negativity and conflict in the world, words of love and healing are a welcome change. We wanted to create the feeling around the brand that when a woman puts on Revlon makeup, she begins to imagine all the possibilities of LOVE—no matter what her relationship status. We needed to create a World of LOVE where emotion, positivity, and affection fill her heart.

Embrace the message

Revlon wanted to tell a new story. As it turns out, you can’t spell Revlon without “love”—and “on”. Hence the “Love is on” campaign was born inside the offices of Revlon. Lippe Taylor took this message of love and ran with it. We wanted to evoke emotion in an intense way, incorporating all the many facets of love: desire, romance, sexiness, and more. The mission was to inspire LOVE—while making the world fall in love with Revlon all over again.

Big love

Now it was time to let consumers in on the action. On November 18th, 2014, we took over Times Square in the heart of New York City to introduce the Global Love Beacon, an interactive billboard that featured a LOVE IS ON live camera that would encourage visitors to take a photo of their “love moment”. Globally, consumers could engage via social media and the hashtag #LOVEISON for a chance to have their photo featured in Times Square. We brought in celebrity spokesperson Olivia Wilde to kick things off and guests also enjoyed touchups at makeup stations, snacks from branded food truck, and live music from our DJ.

Seducing the editors

While our big consumer event was taking place on the streets of Times Square, all the major beauty directors were able to watch from a VIP perch in an office high above. They were already buzzing about the event on arrival due to our three days of romancing them via teaser gifts sent to their offices—think chocolates and roses! Needless to say, our matchmaking worked.

Love on the run

To generate even more buzz, Lippe Taylor deployed a fleet of “Love Bugs”—black Volkswagen Bugs branded with the LOVE IS ON logo along with quotes and information about the Times Square lovefest. Select cars were matched up with Street Teams in branded clothing handing out samples and invites to lucky consumers.

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