Lippe Taylor

Josh Wines

Father’s Day pop-up
shop in Grand Central Station

Josh Cellars is a brand born out of a son’s love and passion for wine. Working with Lippe Taylor as the only consistent agency partner for the past five years, the brand has experienced meteoric growth from 200,000 cases to more than two million cases sold annually.

Central to this success was our ability to bring to life the origin story of founder Joe Carr and his father, along with our clarity of focus on the consumer target. Josh Cellars was one of the first wines that truly honed in to market as a wine for men (most wines target women) who don’t know a lot about wine, but want to be confident in their choice when bringing a bottle over to somebody’s house for dinner.

As wine gifting began to take off as a broad consumer trend, we decided take the brand to the next level by celebrating the brand’s father-son legacy with an experiential gifting campaign that brought the brand and its purposeful message to life.

Research showed that dads are hard to shop for and that most gift-givers wait until the last minute to buy Father’s Day gifts because they do not know what to buy for Dad.

Thus, Lippe Taylor partnered with the brand to build a full-size garage, similar to the one where Josh Cellars was first blended, right in the middle of Grand Central Station. Featuring Josh Cellars and a host of products from brand partners, the store intersected tens of thousands of commuters who suddenly remembered they still had to find a gift for Dad. The concept was extended digitally through a partnership with Giftagram, an app that delivers curated gifts.

The results for this 3-day experience speak for themselves. Thousands of consumers shopped our garage, while more than 180 news stories broke 500 million impressions. The brand “won” Father’s Day in terms of red wine sales and went on to have its greatest year ever, nearing almost three million cases of wine sold in 2019.

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