Lippe Taylor

Revlon & Kim Kardashian

A home run in influencer marketing

The Springboard

When a celebrity like Kim Kardashian shares a childhood memory in People and mentions a cosmetics brand by name, that’s enough to drive 179 million impressions on social media. But when a marketing team using Starling AI® and real-time listening leverages their experience with influencers, they can generate another 203 million impressions!

The Extra Push

Besides the social media hype, fifteen news outlets ran the original story from People about Kim Kardashian shoplifting Revlon lipstick with Nicole Ritchie. When our real-time listening picked up the story for Revlon, we were able to extend the news cycle and get stories with greater brand emphasis in U.S. Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Elle and Refinery29.

The Icing

What could be more natural than for Revlon to gift Kim the very lipstick she wanted badly enough to shoplift as a pre-teen? We sent her Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick Vault, and Starling AI® was there to track and capture the story when she posted a nineteen-second “thank you” video on Instagram where she tagged Revlon and featured all 82 colors, specifically naming the shade she and Nicole Ritchie stole as kids.

The Results

The news stories generated a combined 100 million impressions and 1,038 shares, while the Instagram story generated another 103 million impressions, all driving greater brand awareness for Revlon plus an organic celebrity endorsement!

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