The Challenge

Jet was ready to go from being just another Amazon competitor to being the retailer of choice for affluent, city-dwelling millennials.

Lippe Taylor set out to create an event that would show urban consumers how Jet would allow them to “Shop curated brands and city essentials, all in one place.”

The Solution: 

Showcase the Jet lifestyle in a trendy NYC brownstone by throwing a brandwarming party. Each room of the house beautifully integrated the products available for purchase, from wardrobe choices in the closet and cooking essentials in the kitchen, to cozy comforters in the bedroom and beauty/personal care items in the bathroom.

To demonstrate how Jet is rehumanizing e-commerce, we created a “real-cart art” gallery on the second floor of the townhouse, featuring seven real New York City customer carts in a gallery-style display. The items were compiled from real customer orders, providing a glimpse into how the brand fits into the metropolitan lifestyle.

To further highlight Jet’s personalization features, the patio was transformed to celebrate all things New York, including favorite NYC brands and artists.  Renowned subway musician Choclatt Jared (The Grammy Awards, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live and more) performed on bucket drums, and famed NYC artist Khalil Chishtee created a Jet-inspired, purple NYC skyline using products from multiple categories--home, electronics, beauty, grocery and more.  

To ensure maximum impact from the event, Lippe Taylor:

  • Pre-seeded the news with top business and consumer media
  • Enlisted key opinion leaders to create content, sustain coverage and provide credibility 
  • Included Instagram-able moments throughout, to continue the conversation socially 
  • Facilitated a full media day for our influencers to continue buzz throughout the day 


  • 2 BILLION media impressions
  • 100 media attendees
  • 640+ placements

Plus coverage by:

The New York Times, CNBC, AdWeek, Apartment Therapy, Us Weekly, TODAY in NY, BuzzFeed,, Good Morning America, InStyle, Allure, Bloomberg, Popsugar, The New York Times, Bustle, Domino, Aol., New York Magazine, Forbes, Kitchn, Food Network, Rachael Ray Every day, HGTV Magazine, RealSimple, Eater, Cheddar, Delish and Yahoo Finance.