• Category: News
  • Date: 28 March 2015

Our fearless leader, Maureen Lippe, broke down her wardrobe recently for BloombergBusiness. We love that the rest of the world got a glimpse in the super chic wardrobe of this former Vogue editor turned marketing powerhouse.

We pulled out a few of our favorite nuggets.

On mixing brown and black:

“Sure. This was always a discussion at Vogue, and the ruling was you can mix them. And there are no rules about white after Labor Day—all those rules have gone out the window.”

On her fashion strategy for work:

“I have the Maureen Lippe uniform—mostly black. It’s so easy and you can have so much fun with your accessories, which is what sparks it.”

On boots:

“I must have 100 pairs of boots, in black, brown, and gray, mostly ankle booties. I have a little biker chick in me, too.”

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