Public relevance
the new PR

Public Relevance is a reimagining of PR as a complementary mix of data driven insights, influencer management and communications, with the ultimate goal of creating quality content that matters, gets seen, and moves your audience.

Staying relevant

“PR still matters, advertising still matters, social/digital still matter but all of these marketing disciplines are converging into one unified concept… content. It’s all becoming content! But the real caveat is that now, there's too much content, so how do you break through? Make content that matters. Whether it's an Instagram post, a Snapchat story, a Youtube video, or a full scale VR experience, all content requires relevance. That's where Lippe Taylor comes in; it's our job to keep our clients relevant, and their content seen.”

Maureen Lippe
Chief Executive Officer

Bridging the gap

Our mission


In an environment where 91% of women feel misunderstood by advertisers, 198 million consumers use ad blockers, and only 6% of Americans trust the media, brands now have to earn their share of consumers’ limited attention. We call the effort it requires to earn this share of attention Public Relevance. 
We understand this new landscape inherently because of our legacy in Public Relations.  Our job has always been to consistently generate highly coveted earned media for our clients.  But today it requires more than that.  Today we must produce the kind of creative communications that resonate with a brand’s specific audiences, moves their key demographics, and ultimately drives sales. 

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