Our Approach

For over 20 years, we’ve been motivating women to take action on behalf of healthcare brands. Our proven approach to health & wellness marketing is both holistic and adaptive, synthesizing medical science, consumer insights & culture to drive brand preference.

We go above and beyond what Healthcare PR does for Pharma. We create our own A.I. programs, collaborate with influencers for unique consumer-facing programs, and work with social media platforms to ensure regulations are communicated effectively. Working across the industry with categories like Dermatology, Cardiovascular, Pain, CNS, Rare Disease, Immunology, Dermatology, Oncology, we help our clients cut through the noise to capture consumer attention.

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What we believe

We believe creativity thrives off boundaries.

As Healthcare PR rapidly grows, social media is increasingly integrated into all facets of life. Staying ahead - and relevant - in an evolving, saturated media landscape requires adaptation. There’s a reason why half of our clients are Pharma. This innovative field necessitates our agile approach—driven by insightful data, strong media & doctor relationships, and proven strategies.

We encourage Pharma clients to rethink what’s possible for Healthcare PR. We provide industry-leading solutions for major challenges Pharma clients face in our ever-changing media climate.

Digital & Analytics 

It starts and ends with listening.

With over a decade of experience leveraging social media for both consumer and healthcare brands, we enable pharma clients to navigate the waters of digital to successful social media activations. Our creative centers on a cornerstone everyone in your business understands: measurability.  Data becomes insights, insights become strategies and strategies mature into carefully crafted creative content. But we’re not finished. From compelling stories that inspire action, emotion and empathy, our focus is squarely on you and your business. We understand that three realities exist in order to move her and inspire change: the brand objectives, our consumer’s truth, and the landscape of the market. Lippe Taylor brings together digital strategists, data analysts, editors, bloggers and producers to deliver powerful, integrated communications that generate unmatched earned media & engagement. Overall we believe that social creative should be based on the marriage of art + science.

Supported by over 20 years of marketing innovation, our insight-driven approach connects Pharma with the most powerful force in healthcare: women. SHE is the decision-maker for her family.

Women control:

  • 80% of overall healthcare choices
  • 89% of which medicines to take
  • 85% of overall  purchase decisions
  • 93% of OTC purchases


“We're reinventing how healthcare brands reach and motivate patients by elevating the role of Earned in the media mix and amplifying it through other marketing channels. Our team brings a unique blend of science and industry expertise that will help clients understand how to maximize this capability to not just raise awareness, but to help get the right treatments to the right patients for better outcomes.”

Paul Dyer

“Driving meaningful engagement for healthcare brands can be a challenge with today's savvy patient. Lippe Taylor fills a need in the current healthcare space because we truly understand how to reach today's patient as a person. Our teams use this to effectively and creatively bridge the gap in physician-patient conversations because we speak both consumer and science. This combination is a powerful asset for our clients.”

Jennifer O'Neil
Healthcare Lead

Our services drive our approach to program management

health +

  • FDA Approvals
  • Disease/Condition Awareness & Education
  • KOL/Spokespeople/Brand Ambassadors/Celebrities
  • Medical Meetings/Data & Milestone Publicit
  • Advocacy & 3rd Party  Org Relations

strategy +

  • Research, Insights & Trends
  • Positioning/Logo Development
  • Social Platform Creative & Community Management
  • Influencer/Blogger Strategy & Engagement
  • Web Design
  • Print/Digital/Social Ads
  • Annual Reports/CSR Reports
  • Analytics, Measuring & Reporting


  • Media Relations – Broadcast, Print, Digital
  • Spokespeople & Brand Ambassadors/Celebrities
  • B-roll, SMT, RMT, IMT Packaging & Distribution
  • Video – PSA, Episodic, Long Form, Social, Demos
  • Press Materials
  • Events/Brand Experiences
  • Executive Visibility/Speaking Engagements

tech +

  • Mobile Programs
  • Websites
  • App Development
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Media Buying
  • Content Syndication
  • SEO/SEM/Search
  • Webcast, Interactive