Making kitty
litter sexy.

Litter Genie

The challenge

Litter Genie — a spin-off of the well-known Diaper Genie — is a genius cat litter disposal system.

They wanted to create buzz around a topic that is a major irritation for cat owners, but not one editors immediately want to cover. Lippe Taylor needed to find a way to make cat litter a sexy topic prime for coverage.

Find a (human) voice

We put a Litter Genie into the hands of animal enthusiast and America’s favorite daytime talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. The results were fun, but still branded—from Ellen talking about how Litter Genie saved her show’s Cat Week to the product being featured in her super popular dunk time four times. She even took one home to use for her own pets!

Claw our way into the media

With National Cat Day looming on the horizon, we knew this was the perfect moment to capture the media’s attention. We went wide and aggressive with our pitch that Litter Genie should be celebrated as the ultimate way to manage cat litter in an easy, odor-free way.

Speak to the cat lovers

We knew that once people got their hands on the Litter Genie, they would love it. So we identified cat-owning reporters and celebrities to target with what we were sure would become their new favorite product. The feedback was instant and enthusiastic, resulting in widespread coverage for Litter Genie.

Current case study

Litter Genie