Ask us about Starling AI™

01 February 2018

We couldnt be more excited about our new proprietary Influencer Mapping software StarlingAI™. More details soon!

Yes, Organic Social Still Matters

04 December 2017

By Elisabeth Bromburg As social platforms continue to build out paid products and shifting their algorithms to reduce the volume of organic brand posts in users’ feeds, marketers continue to question whether organic social is still a worthwhile investment. The...

GQ Makes Best Bet on “Best Stuff” Commerce Newsletter

17 August 2017

By Lance Buckley In an ever-changing, competitive publishing landscape where anyone with a computer can build a media brand, there has been a struggle among traditional media outlets to find their path and more ways to commoditize their editorial work....

Instagram's New Paid Partnership Feature and Why it's Critical for your Influencer Marketing Programs

26 June 2017

By Kara DeBuona On June 14th, Instagram announced the launch of their new partnership tool which will make it clear to everyone when a post has been paid for by an advertiser via a noticeable Paid Partnership with [brand] tag,...