Elise Titan

Executive Vice President Women's Health

Elise brings more than 20 years of experience marketing consumer, health and nutrition products to women. She has spearheaded award-winning programs for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft, and Novartis aimed at helping women make smart choices for herself and her family from eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to purchasing products that make everyday life easier and more balanced.

Elise’s ability to translate messages that are easy to digest has helped Ruby Tuesday’s Smart Eating Menu break through the low-carb clutter to win a SABRE award, guided Outback Steakhouse through the introduction of nutritional information on its menu, and allowed Triscuit (Kraft) to leverage the FDA’s ruling on trans-fat to deliver heart-healthy messages. Additionally, she made the formerly taboo subject of heartburn something to talk about during the Rx-to-OTC switch of Prilosec (SABRE winner) and helped put Nutella on tables across America by reminding moms about the importance of breakfast.

Additional clients Elise has successfully executed programs for include: Procter & Gamble (Align, Oral Care, Febreze, Swiffer, Pepto-Bismol, Metamucil, Asacol, Always, Tampax, Downy, Cheer, Bounce), Novartis Consumer Health (LamisilAT Gel, Keri Lotion, Triaminic, Theraflu), Nestlé Infant Formula/Gerber Baby Food, Bloomin’ Brands (Outback, Bonefish Grill and Carrabba’s) Bayer Diabetes Care, Ferrero (Tic Tac and Ferrero Rocher).

Elise graduated cum laude from the State University of New York at Albany with a B.A. in communications.